Source for reduction bushes?

Anyone know of a cheap source of reducing bushes for pulleys?

I've just got one from ebay, and it has a 3/4" bore instead of the 5/8" I need.

Trouble is, its to fix my lathe, so I can't make one.

Preferably Leeds area, so I can collect.

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Could you use a piece of tube such as 3/4 conduit with the inner seem cleaned up? Perhaps it would do to get the m/c going well enough to make an assurate one. Jim Lugsden

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James Lugsden

Problem I had many moons ago.

Bent up a sleeve from soft metal, alu, brass, or copper, forget which, but it was 1.5 mm thick. Come and think of it, it may have been a tube of the right wall thickness but over/under sized. Slit the tube and made it fit the pulley with a short piece of shafting. Pulley slid onto the motor shaft and ran well enough that I didn't make a bushing right away.

That WAS a long time ago.


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