Steam traction engine models

I have two live steam model traction engines which I need to sell (1" Minnie and 1 1/2" Burrell SCC) before emigrating. I've had them both for 20 years, I've no idea now how best to sell them, anyone any ideas? It's not a world I want to get back into, but want them to go to someone who will appreciate them.

Penny x

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I suppose it depends upon the balance between speed of sale, maximising price or finding a good home. For a good home then

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might be better For the other aspects then Ebay might suit

Since I've never had bought or sold one then my opinion is based on observation, not experience


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Charles P

Hi Penny

Dare I say ebay, but work out what the cost will be first. Mike

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The most active model TE site is on Traction Talk, you could place an ad there.

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If its speed of sale then one of the dealers like Station Road Steam may be an option.

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Do they have upto date boiler tests as this will have a big factor on what you can expect them to fetch.


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I recently saw your thread in RC Groups. I hope you do not mind me asking but are the traction engines for sale?

I might be interested in the Minnie.

You can email me at:

Best wishes,


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Thank you everyone for your advice. The two engines mentioned have been sold, now I need to sell the two half finished 2" Fowler Superba ploughing engines, the remainder of my work. They were being built to exhibition standard, from original drawings, but could be finished to John Haining's design with just a little adaptation. But they are big projects, although now within reach of a 3 1/2" lathe: all the large stuff is done.

Looks like boiler certs are a now a nightmare, but these engines pre-date the 2001 CE marking requirement, so a hydraulic test is sufficient. They were tested and certified at the time of building, but the paperwork is proving elusive to find :(

Penny Louise

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Just had an email from Steve Baldock this a.m., he has an item on eBay you could be interested in

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if I win the Loto 6-49 this Friday I'll buy it for the Dawson City Museum, Yukon where it belongs.

Mike in BC

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michael gray

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