Thank you, genii

After my several posts regarding cutting rings from stainless steel sheet, I finally bit the bullet, purchased a grinder and made my own tool:

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Worked like a charm (not easy to see in the picture, to be honest). Needed resharpening 3 times during the operation to make one ring, but it was a partially cut one and so not very even...

Thanks to all those who helped with replies!!


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what sort of grinder & wheel did you use?

Still not got meself set up for tool grinding yet. Partitally cos the garage is full of motorbikes & I can't move in there!


Rob> After my several posts regarding cutting rings from stainless steel

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Ive just got the Workshop practice book Tool and Cutter Sharpening. It has lots of good stuff about this if you are a novice (Ive only ground a few lathe tools,never mills, and my drill grinding needs a lot of work yet...) It has a section about turning a B and Q bench grinder into a useful tool sharpener. overall seems a good book.


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dave sanderson

I bought the cheapest grinder from Screwfux and used the wheels that it came with (cut the tool on the coarse wheel but resharpened it on the finer one). Wasn't as difficult as I thought (although to be fair, the tool was already partly ground)

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