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Thank you for your forgiveness for my egregious conduct on Saturday. Especially to Moramarth who bore the brunt of it, yet was able to respond politely. This is the most friendly group of all those I subscribe to in usenet and we here all share a comradery not found in many groups. I always feared that some asswipe would come in and cause a disturbance some day, and lo and behold, it was me.

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willshak wrote in news:IYmdnUSvz4HslvPTnZ2dnUVZ

Compared to some of the idiots who have infested this group over the years, you're not even on the radar. Especially after this post. None of the aforementioned idiots had the class to step up and apologise after their idiocy.

We can't always be perfectly behaved every minute of every day. It's over. Apologies have been tendered and accepted. It's time to build models : )

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LOL that's waht happens when you find that long-lost vertically-standing PE part in the carpet by stepping on it with your bare feet....

Yes, we're all relaxed here, and can quite understand when the odd explosion goes off now and then! No worries :-)

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Gernot Hassenpflug

Sorry about the tardiness of my response, but the last few days have been a little problematic. But the interval has allowed me to reassess my own behaviour. For myself, I hope you have now put the whole thing entirely behind you and will give it no further thought. But I would like to express my regret that I exacerbated your distress. I=92m never very good at judging emotions, especially at a distance, and mistook anguish for annoyance; I should have held my peace rather than provoking you. Truth be told, I=92ve participated in too many flame wars and perhaps enjoyed some of them too much. On the =93Warhammer=94 group the regulars used to indulge in frequent (usually) amicable disparagement of each other, only to band together like a pack of rabid wolves to savage the passing trolls the group seemed to attract. (I believe there is still an archive somewhere of the more noted sallies.) But this was neither the time nor place for such conduct, and all I can plead in mitigation is of necessity I=92ve been keeping odd hours of late, and I should know better than to post when I should rest.



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