Unwanted Christmas presents

Hi there,
Hope you had a good Christmas, probably like myself had enough turkey and
booze to last a lifetime!
Anyway, the reason I am putting this message up is to see if anybody is
interested in selling me their unwanted Christmas presents for cash, all
those things you don't really want or have already got, we all get them!
If you wish to sell to me this saves the embarrassment to yourself and
avoids upsetting the relations by asking them for receipts and the "just
wondered where you brought the present from " questions.
I will be interested in most things, so please don't hesitate to contact me,
and turn those unwanted gifts into hard cash!
Hope to speak to you soon
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John Davy
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My daughter (age 1) received a particularly nasty cold this year, from whom I'm not sure, but it's yours for a fiver.
Festina Lente
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Mark Pinkney
I just flogged a couple of xmas pressies on ebay.. I only get presents from one rather strange aunt.
She gave me an ~4" high china head, my half chap mate saw it and said "that looks like my dad"...
well you want the head?
I would have put it on ebay but couldn't be bothered to think of a descrip...
-- richard
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She has an unappreciative nephew.
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Neil Ellwood
so whats that got to do with it... -- richard
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