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Mainly for Tony Jeffree,
Have you killed the Yahoo group. It seems to have disappeared from the Yahoo
server although the pix group is still there.
I would have though that with the amount of Beanery happening here we will
need the Yahoo group back again.
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John Kneeshaw
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In article , John Kneeshaw writes
A Yahoo group is only "needed" if people persist in replying to the poisonous cretin.
Ignore him and he *will* get bored, and he *will* go away. They always do.
Trolls have been around as long as Usenet has existed, and there's only one solution that works. Simply ignore him. Correct any obviously wrong or dangerous advice he gives, by all means (by responding to the OP). But *don't* reply to his posts, and *don't* give him the satisfaction of provoking an argument.
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Nigel Eaton
It is most certainly still there (& free of Beans):
formatting link
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
Yes I see it again today. Local technoglitch maybe Thanks John
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John Kneeshaw

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