Daily Airy Report

Well, it hasn't been a good day for Airy.
He has taken a serious pasting in
uk.rec.models.engineering in two threads. One
related to gears- crowned with the technical
explanation that the concept of power as a rate
of doing work is meaningless in clocks. The other
thread on a legal matter.

Remarkable, great minds have studied the mystery of
the uniververse and time for decades and all along
Airy had the answer.
On uk.radio.amateur he seems to have got into a right state all by himself.
He has taken offence at comments that don't seem to have been directed
at him and got into a right old lather. Is this just paranonia or a guilty
What for tomorrow's exciting developments. What will Airy confess to next?
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Gareth S Nemisis
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Get over it dude!
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Your getting just as bad, just killfile him and get a life!
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