New Battery (2000 Wh/kg) with polymer -[C2(NO)2]n- electrode


*** Any assistance in research would be considered. New polymer (poly-nitrosyl-acetylene) is designed to use in solid state battery which would have up to 2000 Wh/kg energy storage capacity with metals such as Li , Mg , Al ,... To see the structure of this polymer go to :
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For more details go to:
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*** Some possible polymers which designed to be used as anode (X factor) in solid state batteries :

1) -[C2(NO)2]n- , poly-nitrosyl-acetylene , up to 595Ah ~ 2000 Wh/kg

2) -[C2(BO)2]n- , up to 638Ah ~ 2200 Wh/kg 3) -[C2(HCO)2]n- , up to 609Ah ~ 2100 Wh/kg 4) -[C4(NO)2]n- , up to 470Ah ~ 1640 Wh/kg 5) -[=N-(C6H2(NO)2)-HC=]n- , Aromatic , up to 320Ah ~ 1120 Wh/kg

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If you have any question or idea , contact me. Best Regard, Karimi

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