Sugar residue and extrusion

Anyone have an idea what kind of mess I'm going to run into recycling
PP with some sugar residue on it? Temps at about 250 C.
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Depends on the exposure time, not just the temperature, and how much sugar there is relative to the PP. Sugar has decomposition temperature of about 180 - 190 C. Burnt sugar stinks bad, not even a chemist likes it, and it will leave black specs in the resin. Since this recycled PP, maybe the expectations aren't as high?
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Thanks, John. I figured it would stink, but it's not a huge issue with this recycled PP. I was more worried about any adverse reactions with the PP. It will be used in products that need a certain amount of UV stability. AO and a HALS type stabilizer are added, but if there are enough radicals around produced during extrusion, even those can be overwhelmed.
I'm going to heat age it at 150 C for 120 hours, checking the melt flow before and after.
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