component constraints on old family table parts

We have a number of parts in family tables which don't have predefined
constraints. They have been used in hundreds or thousands of
assemblies. If we now place component constraints on the family table
parts, will they effect the existing assemblies? If so is there any
way around the problem?
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Fred L. Wadlinger
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Are you talking about the predefined interface? When I've used these on parts that already have the interface defined, they always give the choice of ignoring the interface to place the parts. That suggests that creating a component interface would make it available if you went to redefine assembly constraints but not impose themselves and cause the assemblies to fail. Admittedly I can't confirm this with direct experience, but it wouldn't be that hard to test. Take an old family table, rename it, use some parts in a dummy assembly, add the interface and see if components fail.
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David Janes
The components will not fail if the restraints are affected by adding the interface if you have your config setting freeze_failed_assy_comp set to yes. Then the components will just be frozen in all those assemblies. They can be fixed whenever someone works on the assembly in the future.
This one reason why we have a policy of NOT using family tables. I know this does not help your situation but you might want to consider the same policy. They cause many headaches especially when using Intralink which we do.
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