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My company posts the blank size of sheetmetal parts on their drawings as a note.
This typically looks like:
PUNCH -- 7.743 X 33.613 -- MAKES 1 PC.
I have changed the method to associate the note dimensions to with actual
dimensions. This allows the note to become "smart" and update correctly with
most changes to the overall size of the blank. The note, as seen in the text
editor is:
{0:PUNCH -- }{1:&add34}{2: X }{3:&add33}{4: -- 1 PC.}
Occasionally, we use a multi-blank (where 2 or more parts are punched at the
same time. In this case, the referenced blank size needs to be adjusted for the
correct number of blanks. The note should then read something like:
PUNCH -- 23.229 X 33.613 -- MAKES 3 PC.
(where 23.229 = 3 * 7.743)
I would like to try and find a way to put this multiplication of the dimension
into the note. Currently, this is done by hand, so that if the 7.743 dimension
changes to 8.000, we must manually edit the note and change it from 23.229 to
24.000. Does anyone know a way to keep the note associated with the dimension,
while also completing a mathematical operation on the dimension? Something
{0:PUNCH -- }{1:&add34 *
3}{2: X }{3:&add33}{4: -- 3 PC.}
If you know a way, or can suggest an alternative, it would be greatly
Thanks, Matt
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Matt McAleer
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The problem is that notes are text strings and you need a real number to do math functions. The &add34 is reading the text value of the dimension, so it has no intelligence. Look in the model file for a d34 dimension of the length of the flat pattern and try that.
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Ben Loosli
One method that may work for you is to create a Parameter, then set up a relation that sets the parameter value to be equal to the dimension:
new_length = &dxx * 3
Then in your note change the text to be &new_length
Hope this helps.
(NOTE: it looks like you are creating drawing dimensions and then using them in the note. If so, you will probably be better off creating the parameters & relation in the model, then using the model parameter in the note.)
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