Pro/Desktop Express (Service Pack 1)


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there is a download for Pro Desktop Express (Service Pack 1) which apparently resolves a long standing problem with PDEx v8.0

Actually, I'm new here so I'm not familiar with the problem that has caused "so much grief" according to the comment on the www.prodesktop home page - could someone give me a quick resume of what it was

Can someone confirm that this works. Anyone installed this successfully yet - does it do the trick?

I downloaded the Pro/D Express program from

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a couple of weeks ago now - can I assume that this is NOT the 'fixed' version - is there an easy way to check - is the only remedy to download the whole

33Mb file - I take it there's no 'patch' available from ptc.

If I install the new version (SP1) will I need a new activation key?

I'm enjoying my evaluation of Pro/D X but being new to 3D modelling I must say I don't find it particularly intuitive. However, the tutorials referred to in this group and elsewhere have been a great help. Thanks in advance.

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Actually, there is a discussion thread on this top on under Discussions, ProD Q&A which will probably answer most of your questions. They have some other interesting stuff, as well, like the only technical description of graphics functions which cards should have to fully utilize Pro/D's OpenGL programming. Demystifies the whole business. Big brother Pro/E could use a bunch more of that.

David Janes

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David Janes

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