ptc_d.exe problem

When I try to execute FlexLM service, ptc_d.exe goes crazy. It is started
multiple times, and won't lease any licenses. I usually get FlexLM working
without troubles, but this one is tricky. Licenses in license.dat are OK.
Has anyone seen this before and solved it?
Kind regards,
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Some programs like CyberPatrol or McAfee AntiVirus 7.0 you will get this problem. For a more detailed discussion and other software programs that may interfere with FlexLM, see
formatting link
Some spyware can cause this also. The thread at the above link talks about this.
-- Jason
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Jason Turk
Solved it.
I reinstalled McAfee VirusScan (just to be able to uninstall it once again), and uninstalled Microsoft Firewall Client.
Firewall client is not needed in the network I am currently working in, so earlier I just disabled it, instead of uninstalling it.
After reboot FlexLM is working fine again, and VirusScan still runnning as it normally would.
Grtz, M.
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Hi, I just had to find out the hard way that mcafee 7 home edition wrecks flexlm communications, in a very weird way I might add. I'm able to telnet to the license server port 7788, I have no idea what I could type, but it looks like a viable connection to the license server, whereas pro-e says that it gets unreadable server answers.
Mind you, this is a virusscanner, no firewall client to be found in a five mile radius, believe me I am sure.
I reinstalled 4.5 like I know I should and all is well again.
(btw, for those of you running 3dsmax, word has it that winxp+mcafee+cdilla=BOOM, as in no more NTFS partition)
my 2cts
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