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We are looking to create some sort of rendered movie file such as eDrawings from Solid Works. I have found some things such as Productview express but you would have to send customers ProE files. (=bad)

There is an option to save ProE files as a WWW format. WHen this option is selected, a folder is created with a bunch of usaeless .html files, a vrml folder with .wrl files and a jpg folder with shaded views.

Anybody know what program may use this WWW format, or how to create rendered movies?

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I'm not familiar with the "WWW" format but, I know of a great tool to create photo-rendered movies in various standard movie file formats. It's called; IPA

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. I use it to generate rendered animations that we've incorporated into MS PowerPoint presentations, internal web pages & etc. The product is compatible with various 3D solid design tools including Solid Works but, I've only used it with ProE models. Note: from the output you described with the "WWW" data, it appears that you need some sort of VMRL viewer internet browser plug-in (such as Cosmo or Java3D) to view the animation.

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VRML is not an animation - it is real interactive 3D... (you´d better get yourself a cosmo or cortona plugin). Unfortunately it needs bandwidth - no chance for dialup.


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