Urgent Help : Reconstruction of Surface using Point Cloud

Hi all,
Does anybody has an idea on how to reconstruct a free form surface in
ProE when a low density point cloud is given? (point cloud in x,y,z,
I has some limitations on that that I cannot use a *.ibl file.
Also i tried following
1. Used Independent geometry but could not always create curves through
the points bcoz the points are randomly distributed across the domain
2. Also i tried Facets creation..Well that was sucessa little bit ..
but could not use that as surface for boudaries for my Protrusion
object. ProE does not recognise it as an surface
3. Tried Restyle..could not always get the shape i needed ..because
after faceting the point cloud, I used restyle.. but it was not able to
create surface by making use of whole facet.. I am able to create
surfaces only on a small portion on facet.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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