I'm selling off all of my OOPIC parts.
3 x OOPIC v1.7
3 x OOPIC BETA B2( a beta of the original OOPIC, not V2 )
2 x MAX232 OOPIC project boards(bare).
1 x Magnevation dual pwm, bare PCB (v1.00)
1 x programming cable
1 x power cable
2 x Microchip 24LC16B
2 x pwr sockets and crimps
2 x programming sockets and crimps
Enough diodes and resistors to make two cables.
An Optrex 40 x 2 back lit LCD.
For a picture of the whole package see:
formatting link

formatting link

images approx 1.2Mb each.
The BETA OOPICs compiler is not compatable with later versions. The
BETA is perfectly adequate for simple applications. Although the BETA
doesnt have as many objects available as the later versions you can
still bit bash to connect to your hardware. If you need an OOPIC to
read switches, or control a few servo/motor then the BETA vesion will
be adequate. The BETA OOPICs have been soldered to but are in
satisfactory condition.
I will supply the BETA compiler on CD if required.
Will accept USD130.00/GBP75.00, worldwide postage included. Payment
by Paypal preferred. Will accept NOCHEX, FASTPAY.
UK buyers can pay by UK postal order if required or UK cheque.
Email me if you are interested or have any questions.
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Tim Woodburn
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My OOPic inventory is now on eBay
formatting link
eBay item : 3814665993
Low reserve, will post internationally.
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Tim Woodburn

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