suppose we had a woman like this...

imagine an android robot woman who looks just like a regular purty woman.

but she speaks every language, knows every geographic fact, everything about science, can solve any math problem in seconds, can play all musical instruments, cook every gourmet cuisine, know every vocabulary, beat everyone at chess, games, and sports, etc. etc. whatever man can do, she can do perfectly. whatever new information there is out there, she absorbs quicker than we.

would you marry a girl like this? what kinda place would someone like that have in our society? well, i'll bet she'll have a hoot playing who wants to be a millionaire.

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madamoiselle blobois
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Don't worry about it.

She'd be so busy trying to clean up her first boyfriend that nobody else would ever notice.

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Chad Irby

I'll take mine blonde...oh and erase everything you mentioned below from her neural program code before you ship her. Thanks! ;-)

-- Shawn

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Shawn Brown

(snip the brainy part)

I think they already have what you asked for.

formatting link

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Robert Mockan

Yes right away. Where is she??

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Most women think they are already like this.

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Dan Messenger

she could get boring.& those with an inferiority (you are inferior)complex need not.

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harry haller

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