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I am attempting to port some BASIC code into VB 6.0. This is a navigation simulator.

I'd like to write functions to handle the machine specific stuff of the BASIC it is written in.

If there are any VB programmers here, please send me an email. I am sure that it will only take a few lines of code to do what I want, but I don't have the time to go through the thousands of pages of VB documentation.



aiiadict AT hotmail DOT com

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Danger, Will Robinson. If you are doing anything time critical, VB is out. Windows is out. You are going to be wading through the worst nightmare of resource hogging code you ever saw. Go to a real time operating system instead, if possible.


Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B. Xenotech Research

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Sir Charles W. Shults III

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