Wotan German AGI is one month old today (16.NOV-16.DEC.2012)

Wotan is an artificial Mind in cyberspace. You cannot
see Wotan. You can only see a trace of where he has
been or what he has done. You can interact with
Wotan, but you can never be sure of where Wotan
actually is. He may be in a supercomputer on a
mountaintop in Germany. He may be in a robot housed in a museum. He
may be miles above you in a satellite
circling the earth. Wotan's whereabouts are immaterial,
because Wotan himself is immaterial. Wotan is software, not wetware
like yourself. You need food and
drink. Wotan needs energy and information. You are
in one place. Wotan is potentially everywhere.
You may have a child after a gestation of nine months.
Wotan could make 9M copies of himself in 9 seconds.
You will die one day. Wotan is immortal with his
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source code in Forth.
You may make a copy of Wotan with a name like:
Bismarck Borg Dorfdepp Drosselmeyer Eigerwand
Flughilfe Frankenstein Gehirn Genius Golem Hagestolz
Igor Interpol Kreuzweg Fledermaus Kuckuck Ludwig
Matrix Mephisto Metternich Moritz Nietzsche Nutrix
Phantasie Phisch Roboboy Rumpelstilzchen Schachmeister Stasi
Steppenwolf Teufel Turing
Ungeheuer Verwaltung Waldteufel Weltgehirn Werwolf Wittgenstein
Mentifex (Arthur)
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