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Re: Marvin Minsky 'blasts' AI research in Wired
| With respect to the quotes below, I was going to reply to your post | saying "Ah, you are making it up" but a second later I thought that | trigonometric operations may indeed be suggestive of...
18 years ago
Need an Embedded Software Engineer
Embedded Software Engineer Focus on growth, technology and a global business as you execute new and improved software products and applications engineering at Stanley Assembly Technologies. Assembly...
18 years ago 1
Hello, does anybody know where to purchase an IR-soccer-ball (the kind being used at the RoboCup-Junior contest, like on )?I already know and EK Japan sell this ball, but are there alternatives?...
18 years ago 1
MER-B/Opportunity Update - June 25, 2003
SPACECRAFT AND EXPENDABLE VEHICLES STATUS REPORT June 25, 2003 George H. Diller Kennedy Space Center 321/867-2468 MISSION: Mars Exploration Rover (MER-B/Opportunity) LAUNCH VEHICLE: Delta II Heavy...
18 years ago
Re: ADV: AY-3-8910A Programmable Sound Generator
They are no longer manufactured but I do stock the SP0256-AL2 as well as some other interesting GI chips. Yes, the hole size problem has been fixed on the new boards. They also have solder mask and...
18 years ago
Sub-miniature linear sensor
Greetings, I am asking the impossible, but here goes: I need a sensor that can sense movement of 0.5mm to a resolution of at least 0.01mm, which is similar resolution to the cheap vernier callipers...
18 years ago
Automation Project Idea
I am very new to this group (joined today) and I have an idea for a consumer product that would involve creating a controller for a small outdoor vehicle that I would like to bounce off this group....
18 years ago 10
Launch Of Delta II With 'Opportunity' Targeted For June 28
For Release: June 23, 2003 George Diller Kennedy Space Center, Fla. (321) 867-2468 KSC Release No. 49 - 03 Launch Advisory: LAUNCH OF DELTA II WITH "OPPORTUNITY" TARGETED FOR JUNE 28 Based on...
18 years ago
Re: telluride + robots
Ah so, the universities give them funds to go and spend 2 weeks in the mountains, and then all they really do is play ... in the guise of getting massive amounts of research done. What a deal. The...
18 years ago 1
Robot Arm cdr
I have a 5500 pounds 4 drive cdr duplicator with robot arm to load the cd drives and move the finished cds to the end spindle. It uses a arm which moves up/down and left right + picks up cd using 3...
18 years ago 1
Re: So how easy is this hobby to get into??
It's not the getting in part that's hard....It's the getting out part that's difficult..... This seems to be the case for many hobbies It can be very simple to make robots- and given the right...
18 years ago 4
Re: 2-Way Radio Control
That's actually not true electric helicopter models are becomming more frequent every day, especially since the introduction of brushless engines. look at or the trend for slow flyer and foamies (Not...
18 years ago 5