24mm Aerotech SU motors

Will the 24mm aerotech SU motors fit in regular estes D engine type motor
mounts ? I looked around the internet ...but couldn't find a definitive
answer...the aerotech motors are 70mm long just as the estes D motors, but
will they be fine in a rocket with an estes type engine hook and engine
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If you used the standard Estes engine clip it will scrape against the AT FWD delay closure. Not a big problem. Your just gonna mark up your case.
In the future just sand down the upper thrust tab of the clip when building your new 24mm powered estes rockets.
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Tim Summers
Not on an SU... just the RMS case.
Correct-a-mundo. Or, an Estes "E" motor hook, in combination with a cardboard spacer (fits perfectly around the delay well of a 24/40 RMS) works very nicely too. The only two kits I've seen with this "system" included have been the Merc Atlas, and the Phoenix.
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