Airbrush help?

Hi people,
A while back I requested airbrush advice here - got some good responses, and
bought a Paasche VL and DL500 compressor on eBay. When it showed up, it
looked like the previous owner may have bought some accessories. One of the
apparent extras I can't figure out, even after googling around. I posted a
pic over on a.b.m.r (did I do that right, Fred?).
I sure would appreciate it if some of you airbrush aficionados would take a
gander at it and tell me what it is, what it's for, and how to use it.
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bit eimer
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responses, and
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I posted a
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use it.
Looks like a moisture trap--it goes in the hose ahead of the airbrush to ensure that air is the only thing that mixes with the paint.
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Ted Cochran
Finally, something I can answer!!!
It's a moisture trap, which takes out the moisture that builds up when the air is compressed (especially in high humidity environments). In use, it will (probably) fill up with water, and if it gets too full you just empty it out (remove pressure first, of course). I've also found it works well just for filtering out some of the general 'crap' that can get into the compressor--I had some dust build up on the compressor inlet once, and the moisture trap was pretty effective at catching it.
David Erbas-White
bit eimer wrote:
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David Erbas-White
Hey Bit, that most definitely is a moisture trap. I don't see a regulator knob so I don't think it reduces pressure at all. The key here is that the globe must be pointing down in relation to the ground. The device is plumbed between the compressor out pipe and the air hose to the brush. Moisture collects in the globe. You purge the globe by pressing up on the brass bleed valve in the bottom.
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Reece Talley
You don't need to do that. The air pressure will blow the water out of the trap. I just occasionally unscrew my drain a bit and let it spit a bit, then screw it back down snug. NEVER more than snug!
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Bob Kaplow
Thanks to all who responded. Pretty much everyone agrees its a water trap. The black pin-like device at the bottom unscrews (actually in-screws) to drain the collected water.
Does anyone know what the white cylinder-shaped thing is in the middle; what its function is and if it needs to be replaced periodically?
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bit eimer
I believe you just need to push the pin-like device in and it will release the water (Bob reminded me in his reply).
The white cylinder shaped thing is made out of some material (and is shaped in such a manner, i.e., lots of holes, but lots of surface area, much like activated charcoal) such that the water vapor droplets will adhere to it, collect into larger droplets, and then drop to the bottom. Someone else will have to give specifics on the material.
Note that this isn't a 'foolproof' device, as the water that drops to the bottom of the canister will have some of it 'evaporated off' by the air that exits the water trap, but it's certainly better than nothing.
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
Thanks David,
Sounds like the white porous thing doesn't need periodic replacement (fingers crossed). As to the water release, mine must be different (cheaper?) - I took it apart and the only way for the water to get out is through a small hole in the "pin", with said hole only being exposed when the pin is screwed up into the chamber. It cannot be pushed in at all.
But that's ok. The water trap wasn't even listed in the eBay auction, so I am pleased to even have it. Not sure if the compressor was supposed to come with a pressure gauge, but I got that too. Everything for $135 including shipping.
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bit eimer

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