Airbrush/Compressor Compariosn?

Anyone know where I can find a good airbrush and airbrush compressor comparison?

I've been using a Paasche V with a Badger 180 for a number of years, and I think it might be time to advance to the next level.



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Richard Nicoletti
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Hmmm. What exactly makes you think that the Paasche is not up to the task ? And what model of the B180 do you have ? The B180-1/B180-11 cap at about .50cfm @30PSI. This is barely enough for an airbrush with a .2mm nozzle. Get a decent compressor, preferably one with a storage tank, a pressure regulator, and powerful enough to output at least .8-.9cfm @40PSI. The storage tank is important, because it will damp any compressor-induced pressure oscillations, and prevent the pressure from dropping when you start spraying. I'd say that in going from your current setup to a new one, a good compressor will account for 90% of the total improvement.

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[SM04]Serge D. Grun

Well said! Cheers,

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