Bomb threat--My Alma Mater is now officially in the 21st century

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This is the last article in a week's worth of information after an odd
young man scribbled a bomb threat on the bathroom wall. This is about
the 10th article on the incident and the only one with the word 'rocket
propellant' in it. They could have used it all week, so IMO they did
very well.
This kid has to go back to Canada, if you do "bomb search' on you'll see he was selling homemade napalm in junior
high. I would suggest he be gulaged above the artic circle.
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Chuck Rudy
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BFD. Minors can buy cans of sterno in stores all over the place.
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
He's a Candien citizen who was dumped here in 1999 after his father had a job change. Take the loser back. He hates America, do a search and read all the articles. He belongs above the artic circle with no internet connections, he's a "loner', let him be alone with the polar bears, food is in short supply for them anyway. Let him do something positive in his life, he could keep a polar bear alive for another week.
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Chuck Rudy
Well... it's either feed them this twit, or feed them lawyers. The lawyers are more abundant, but not as palatable. :-)
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Len Lekx
My reply follows:
Chuck Rudy wrote:
Everybody sing!
"I don't want him, You can have him, He's too nuts for me!"
To the tune of that old polka classic, "She's to fat for me"
Dwayne Surdu-Miller SAROS #001
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Dwayne Surdu-Miller

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