Bought a couple Hawks Hobbies kits...

...a couple LMR kits intended mostly for notice-not-required demo flights and for sentimental reasons...

- Super Cherokee (upscale Cherokee D, 2.34inx40in, w/ 3x24mm motor mounts, with {dig it} a 9.75" balsa nose cone)

- Super Trident (upscale Estes Trident, 52.5 in long w/ 24mm motor mount, with a 7" balsa nose cone)

Anybody put these kits on steroids?

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Andy Eng
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Hi, Andy,

I've seen both of them at McGregor launches. They look like pretty good kits. And the Hawkins seem like great people. The web site's not very dial-up friendly, so I only gleaned a few details off it. But the Cherokee 3D is listed as having a 2.34" OD. Not sure the ID, but it will surely take anything that fits in a BT-70, so I suggest a light steroid treatment.

Make the triple-24 MMA removeable, then you can swap single 24's, 29's or even 38's in it. I did something like that with one of mine recently:

formatting link
For the Cherokee 3D, if the tube is thin-walled (ala the Firefox 2.34" tube), then some light glass is in order. OTOH, if it's more like 54mm motor tube, I wouldn't bother.

Maybe add an insert to the nosecone base so you can remove the screweye to add/remove nose weight.

Hawks Hobby is sponsoring the DARS Classic contest, now moved to our November launch. If I win a prize, I just might get to try this.


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Doug Sams

These kits were fresh from the factory. Huge balsa cones, size of which I haven't seen for decades. Got my two...

The fins are ply TTW hence the tempation...

Your bench looks nothing like that of a circuit designer. You've entirely waaaaay too much time.... Will ponder a 1x 29mm option though...

Yes, it's thinwall....

Seems like enough tube to work a dual rig for internal rigidity.

For some reason, built stock seems nice too.

I think I'll open the Trident first...

Best, Andy

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Andy Eng

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