Clearing up some Estes rumors/questions

I've noticed a number of questions and/or rumors regarding Estes as of late. I just wanted to clear some of these up.

Vern has/had nothing to do with the new kits, he is at home on the ranch. He hasn't been involved with the Estes company since he retired many years ago.

Estes sales are not lagging. Estes is not in trouble financially.

The new kits have nothing to do with Jim Flis or Bill Stine.

The new kits are not coming out until at least July or August (probably later). That is, two to three months from now.

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Scott D. Hansen
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Well, it's certainly a very nice home overlooking (I believe) the Arkansas River, but it's not a ranch. . .

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So that's the name of the show. I've heard it pronounced "Nurse-a". Never been to one.

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it 'trade-only'? This line leads me to assume that it is: "All Qualified Retail Hobby Shops Welcome"

Looks like no need for a Make-It & Take-It....

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