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The system that I read Propulsion Polymers e-mail on has been flakey as
heck the last couple of weeks. I've moved to a new server, but if you
sent anything my way, and haven't heard a response, please re-send.
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Marcus Leech
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I seem to have missed a couple of messages too...seems to be a lot of that going around lately. I can usually tell how email in general is doing, because I mail out a daily comic strip to a fairly large subscription list (Kevin & Kell, by Bill Holbrook...www.herdthinners.com if you're interested). Over the last two weeks I've had to resend to the entire list three times.
Doug Pratt dad-at-pratthobbies-dot-com pratthobbies-at-cswebmail-dot-com pratthobbies-at-rocketryonline-dot-com dpratt-at-compuserve.dot.com
(at least one of those ought to work at any given time!)
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Doug Pratt
Actually, my e-mail failure has nothing to do with the RCS failure--purely coincidence. My Propulsion Polymers e-mail has been forwarded to a machine at Carleton University, where I've had an account since 1988 or so. That machine seems to have gone belly-up, with no-one to fix it, so I migrated my email somewhere else.
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Marcus Leech

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