Ebay Butt Pain.

Got an email today from Ebay letting me know my account has been
suspended. They say my password has been compromised. I deleted the Ebay
message thinking it was some clever Spam scam. Sure enough I went to the
Ebay site and my account is suspended. I filled out the Suspension Appeal
form and got a message back from them wanting me to fax my account info and
a copy of my ID or drivers license. Whatttttttt? I never put any credit
card, paypal or any type of info other than name and mailing address in my
ebay account section, and have only used money orders to pay for the very
few items I've won. There is nothing in my account to compromise because I
never trusted them or some guy with a garage full of train stuff with my
credit card info and such in the first place.........those goof balls.
Anybody have this happen to them? Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
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Heres the message I got back after filling out the Account Suspension Appeal Form at the Ebay web site. Bruce
Thank you for contacting eBay's Trust and Safety Department about your suspension. We temporarily suspended your trading privileges because your eBay account password had been compromised. In order to restore control of the account to you as quickly and safely as possible, we are sending this automated email with important information and instructions.
Please be assured that closing your account was necessary to prevent any unauthorized activity. While we cannot disclose the investigative procedures that led us to this action, we hope you feel confident that we acted in your best interest.
For your protection, we need you to verify your identity so we can make sure you are the owner of the account. Please send a copy of your driver's license or other government-issued identification. Be sure to include your eBay user ID, email address, and a valid telephone number with your fax. You can send this information to the following fax number:
Fax: 1-801-880-8754
Please allow 48 to 72 hours for this information to be processed. Emailing us before that time will result in delays. We will review your account and contact you by email. Please note that any documents submitted will be destroyed after your registration information has been verified. If you are concerned about faxing sensitive information (such as your Social Security number), please black it out. Your full name and address must be legible.
We look forward to working with you towards the restoration of your account. Thank you for your patience and effort in this important matter.
eBay Trust and Safety Team
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Message: My account has been suspended. I have no idea why and I have not had any problems. My account contains no credit card or paypal info. I only use money orders when dealing with any ebay purchase. Please restore this accoumt. Thank You. Bruce Favinger.
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Bruce Favinger
Bruce --
Be *real*sure* you're actually dealing with eBay, that is, open up a new browser and type in
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and go from there.  
If you're getting to eBay by clicking on a link in the email, smart money would bet that you're being scammed.  
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John Miller
FWIW, I looked up your eBay profile, it listed your feedbacks but said you were not a registered user.
I hate to say it, but it sounds legit.
The safest thing to do is the very first email you get like this, just forward it without changing anything to snipped-for-privacy@eBay.com
They will let you know for sure.
-- snipped-for-privacy@prodigy.net
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Sounds very suspicious. How would they know that your account was compromised unless you informed them of it?
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Rick Jones
identification. Be sure to include your eBay user ID, email address, and a valid telephone number with your fax.< While eBay will ask for address, phone number, and email address I have _never_ heard of them asking for an drivers license, etc.! You could check that by just signing up for a new account, "like you just walked in from the street. I believe there's a link from any auction.
I'm sure this is a scam as eBay has stated that they will _never_ contact someone, you must contact them first!
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Jon Miller
OK, I just clicked on register on the bottom of any item up for bid. It wants only the following information;
name street address city state zip telephone email address "create a password" secret question--secret answer date of birth
and that it! The query for a faxed copy of you drivers license makes it a phony. There was email some time ago that they (crooks) have a way to do something to your account. You must notify ebay but the link on the email you got were phony!
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Jon Miller
I got that email too. I do not and never had an Ebay account. You should forward it to Safety Harbor at Ebay.
J>> Please send a copy of your driver's license or other
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Frank A. Rosenbaum
Jon, They must be able to manipulate stuff on the ebay site then because I did not click on the link in the email. I deleted the email. I opened up IE and typed in ebay.com not even trusting my bookmark and then went to MyEbay and in big red letters it said "Not a Registered user.Your account is Suspended." Then I filled out the Ebay form and ........well you see what they sent back I just sent a money orders to an outfit (fortunately I know is reputable) for an GP30 and also to a guy that had lots of good feed back for a book. I hope they don't see this and freak out. Geeze I'm suspended, that hasn't happen since high school. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
Well something could have happened to your account. But to fax anything would be a problem for many people, me included. I don't have a fax or ready access to one.
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Jon Miller
If this helps, check this link out and subsequents from that page.
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Regardless, I'd be EXTREMELY wary of a need for a faxed copy of a Driver's Licence or anything else with pics, numbers etc... of a personal nature.
As stated elsewhere in the thread. Call eBay and talk to a live representative.
Pete in Calgary, Alberta
Bruce Fav> Guys,
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Pete in Calgary
Stop! Don't send a copy of your driver's licence to anyone. That's all a criminal needs to open a fake bank account, tap into a line of credit and you're left holding the bill. This is identity theft.
Besides, how do you know the fax number is legit?
I like the advice you received to talk to someone at eBay. If all else fails...open a new account. I would be very paranoid about this kind of request. Better to be safe than sorry.
Jeffrey MacHan
> a copy of my ID or drivers license. Whatttttttt? I never put any credit > card, paypal or any type of info other than name and mailing address in my > ebay account section, and have only used money orders to pay for the
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Z_Scale SIG Coordinator
"Bruce Favinger" wrote
That fax number, 801-880-8754 is registered to eBay's Salt Lake City support center. I can find other Internet references to it going back to the Summer of 2003, most of them in regard to similar eBay problems.
If a pfisher was using that number, he would have been investigated by now and that number would be out-of-service.
If someone else tries to access an eBay account and change the password, the true account holder gets an email warning from eBay advising them of the attempt, giving the IP address of the invader. If you recognize the IP address as not possibly being yours, eBay gives instructions on how to proceed. Common sense dictates that you change your password(s) periodically.
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IMO, someone got your e-bay password, etc and screwed up your account. That's why your password is "compromised." Then they contacted you with a phony e-mail so that they could get your driver's license etc, and thereby complete the identity theft which they have started. If I were you, I would change my e-mail address _immediately_ and re-establish an e-bay account with your new e-mail identity. Your ISP should permit you to create a new account and delete an old one. If you are the account holder, they may have to do it for you, but a phone call should be enough. If they can't, or if they want to charge you for doing this, dump thme and get a better ISP.
Anecdote for thos who want to read more: Identity theft is a growing problem - there are all sorts of trojans out there that will use your computer to send spam etc in the name of your correspondents. My wife's account was compromised in this way. We found out about it when we got some Undelvreable Mail notices listing all sorts of recitpients we'd never heard of, and all with the same domain name (that is, all residing on a private network servere.) We thought we had the problem licked when one of our correspondents cleaned the trojans out of his machine, but no go. So we deleted her account and created a new one, which created a new identity, for which we created a new e-mail address. Then we sent notification to all her correspondents. That fixed it.
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Wolf Kirchmeir
Did you do anything or did they tell you why your account would have been suspended? For what reason if it is not a scam?
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