Estes Scissor Wing Transport

Has anyone built one of the new reissue kits? I just finished one and was
wondering if anybody had trouble trimming the thing. Mine needed nearly all
the clay added to the rear of the rocket (I ended up using some lead
instead). Seemed kind of odd, I went back and checked my construction and it
looks OK.
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Kurt Schachner
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I have not built one of the new ones, but several of the old kits/clones. You are the second person I have heard voice concern over the nose heaviness. It was discussed on TRF in this thread:
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(The thread is hard to follow, cuz there was a date change on the main server in the middle of the thread, so some of the replys come b-4 the questions.) Is trhe plastic NC in the new kit substantially heavier than the old balsa NC??
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Jim M
Well, at first I thought maybe the new nose cone wasn't heavier but now I'm thinking it might be. It is hollow and two-piece like the old Centuri nose cones but it's rather thick. I don't have a gram scale here but a "calibrated hand test" between an original Estes BNC-50Y and the new nose cone tells me the new one is heavier. I'll actually weigh one at work on Tuesday and see what the difference is. A BMS clone BNC-50Y will definitely be lighter. I like the new nose cone, the surface finish is excellent and it won't dent like the balsa one.
Thanks for the TRF thread, I'll have to check out those forums.
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Kurt Schachner

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