Final Major Naramlive update complete

All content. 45megs of video and 10+megs of pictures are online.
All contest results are now online and Naram 46 info is on the main page.
Chris Taylor
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Chris Taylor Jr
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Chris - fantastic job!
Thanks again for all the great footage.
I will have Day 8's video compilation uploaded to alt.binaries.models.rockets in a little while, this collection is the largest yet and will take a while to convert and upload. Hopefully this will ease the load on your server, as well.
The photos are great but the videos really give you the feeling of being there (well, almost...)
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Thanks, Chris. Great pics as always. -Braz NAR 12442
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Wow Chris, I'm jealous. And that shot of the flame that happened to have a S-V above it. WOW. There are obviously quite a few skillful builders out there. Great job all!
Joel. phx
I noticed one of the first few check-in pictures had Deb & Dave of Recovery Technologies. Explains why they didn't show up at the launch this morning!
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Joel Corwith
Let me add my voice to those who complimented you on the great job of reporting N-45 to those of us who were unable to attend. It was great to see all of your fantastic pictures as well as the contest results in such a timely manner. Again, thank you Chris! Great job!
Richard "Hope to be able to compete at NARAM next year" Freed NAR #24586
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Richard Freed

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