FYI East Coast Rocketry site back on the air

Just finished copying files up to the webserver. It's not 100% but there is a bunch of new stuff including photos and descriptions of a bunch of motors and an almost up-to-date auction price guide.

Have fun.

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It seems eastcoast-rocketry has a collection of lots of old motors on his website. They look very nice. I caught myself coveting a few of them. A voice in my head said, "thou shall not covet thy fellow rocketeer's motors."

You wrote on your website:

bottle >>of wine that's too valuable to drink.

What makes them perceived to be valuable is that others covet them. What makes them really valuable is that YOU can burn them, not others.

You only live once and those motors won't do you any good 100 years from now. I burned all my old motors during my leave of the organised hobby over the past 10 years. Only about 20 or so motors, but it was fun and I don't regrete it. I only wish I can find the two motors that never would lite.

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