heh, glad to see we were not the only club flying saturday

yep. MARS Club (#660) was able to fly saturday. waiver to 7500 ft (no reason
to ask for more) I+ sized field. 1/8th to 1/4th rods, plus two rails.
Cloned surefire launch controller 1st test. worked flawlessly.
warlock on an I366 redline
LOC IV on H242, Twice!
Initiator on a D12-3J reload. the J smokes!
Lisa's clustered starburst with only one engine lighting!
A mean machine with a 2nd stage booster. sustainer did not light. backward
glide into ground very heavily.
Art applewhite Saucer on a H123. I swear it burned more like a H300
pictures and Videos to be on
formatting link
real soon (zak IM'ed me
that he is working on video today)
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tater schuld
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D12-3J??? Perhaps F12-3J? IMHO this motor (and the similar E11) don't have enough initial thrust to safely fly an Initiator or similar rocket unless you have a VERY *VERY* LONG RAIL. Definitely not off a Mantis pad with the standard rod and dance.
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Bob Kaplow
IIRC, it was flown off of a 6' rail. I do admit that I would consider it borderline(me and tater don't see eye to eye when it comes to if a motor is too small for a rocket). But it was a better flight then his honest john with the same motor.
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Zak Orion
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Needs a arm safe switch at the pad end.
both rockets flew flawlessly even though it took forever to get the warlok on the pad because of rail button and ignitor issues(ignitor issue scrubbed the launch of my "Money Pit II, now with no borrowed components")
I would say to burn the last F12 in a maxi alpha and don't buy anymore but it isn't my money(I don't really care for blackjack or smokey sam formulas)
stuck in 3 inches in the ground and then ejected but will only take a little CA on the small kink in the body tube and a repaint to fly it again.
and all I could think of is for it not to hit ppl or cars while it was backsliding
I never thought I would see a saucer move that fast(or survive flying that fast)
I will be working on it tonight, got a bunch of cleaning and rearranging to do today.
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Zak Orion
OK, F12 makes more sense than D12J! Like the E9, you have to look at the number and ignore the F (or E in case of the E11) for these blackjack motors. Because of their slow ignition and thrust buildup. these 2 reloads will lift LESS than the Estes D12, and should be used only in no or very low wind conditions with extra long rails.
Rockets like the Maxi Alpha, Super Big Bertha, my Maxi Astron Sprite, or light draggy models like my Happy Meal or Triskellion etc. are perfect with these motors. Heavy models like the Aerotech or LOC kits are NOT a good mix with these low thrust BlackJack motors. I wouldn't even recommend them for a rocket like the Big Daddy, which fliers absolutely GREAT built stock on the E18, E28, F24, and F39 reloads in this same case.
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Bob Kaplow
I did say ditto
yeah, got a decent toggle? I know exactly where to put it.
Ya Ya, laff it up fuzzball. but yes, all three HPR flights above were textbook, aside from the funny pressure buildups.
Oh I'll buy them, but yes, in slightly lighter rockets. the recommended motor list DID have that engine, plus a slew of others.
well, i didn't say it was an unsucessful flight. only 3 inches? i thought it stuck more.
agreed. you did realize Andy's yours, and my vehicles were the prime tagets? Luckily we had an EMT on site.
Pagin Art, Pagin Mr Art Applewhite.
that kit kicks @$$.
Plus ordering more igniters I hope.
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tater schuld
Tripoli MN was also flying, despite 45 degrees and a fairly brisk wind. I did manage to do my Level 2 cert with a LOC Expidited on a Pro54 J210.
Thank you RocketHunter!
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Wayne Johnson
KOSMO, in Wichita, KS flew for the last time this year last Saturday - we flew MicroMaxes and then ate pizza. Only about 15 flights due to 45 degree temps and a bit of wind. The MMax 2 motors, in small rockets, get off and get up surprisingly well.
MMax igniters are problematic at that temp but we had fun anyway! We joked about putting up a 1/4A and flying High Power.
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Damn, last launch of the season and I missed it due to a funeral :(
Dave didn't send out a launch update.... what other flights did I miss?
Ted Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75
Wayne Johns> Tripoli MN was also flying, despite 45 degrees and a fairly brisk
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