Here's what we'll all be flying if "they" have their way...

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Wouldn't count on it. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which can be used to make "invisible ink" - widely suspected to facilitate communication between terrorist cells.
Further, it is a weapon in itself and can be used to hijack planes! Many flight crew members have paper cuts from endless FAA forms, and might do ANYTHING to avoid having this splashed in the cuts - an effective terror threat indeed!
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Scott Schuckert
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Wow, 22 inches of awesome power.
I'm feeling inadequate
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I'm sure the JBGTs will find a way to regulate these chemicals too.
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Bob Kaplow
"maximum performance thrills"
"launch it again and again"
I'm sure you are.
I've read about a product that claims it can help you out with your inadequacy. You should be receiving mail about it soon. :)
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Carl D Cravens
Whoah, better be careful, you could put an eye out with that thing! Might be safer if you diluted that vinegar a little and sealed your baking soda in some sort of time released capsule, so that you can get a safe distance before it goes off. Better get some safety goggles just in case.
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Scientific Products Alpha-1 Ballistic Missile and Launcher...
Mine's vintage '68, and probably better built. I should take it out and fly it sometime.
Knowing Gene, though, I thought I'd be looking at a pneumatically assisted enhancement device...
'Course, why buy one when you could just use an old 'fridge compressor, a piece of PVC pi...
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