Hobby Lobby half price sale - WOOD!

This week Hobby Lobby has a sale on wood products, including balsa and
Finding GOOD balsa these days requires searching lots of stores. In 40 years
of buying, I've learned hw to quickly identify the best wood, then I weigh
those pieces that look likely to see if they meet my needs. Color tends to
match density in balsa: the lighter the color, the lighter the wood. For
glider wings I look for C-grain. For special applications like the balsa
conical egglofters I used to build, I look for A-grain. For general use, it
doesn't matter so much.
I'll also pass along a tip I learned from the MIT rocket club folks back in
the 70s: buy all the good wood you can find. And these days it's a lot
harder to find than it was in "the good old days". When you need it you won't
be able to find what you need, so stock up. I have 3 SIG boxes 3x12x36" plus
2 of the 3x12x48" boxes that are all full of GOOD wood. REALLY GOOD wood...
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Bob Kaplow
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The balsa I've seen at my local Hobby Lobbies has been about the worst balsa I've ever seen (and the Midwest balsa at HobbyTown wasn't all that good either)
Roy nar12605
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Roy Green
I've found some good pieces now and than ,,, sometimes they will have some C grain mixed in
often they have some large blocks for turning cones not bad if 1/2 off
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