Hi Everyone: I have started making "solid wood scale model airplane KITS" like they were 60 years ago. Oviously this is a small operation with one aim: To show modellers today that these models are very different than Plastic Kits of today BUT that a modeller can DO both!!!!!!!, I am sure I won't be getting rich with this, besides I am too old to worry about money anymore :(

These models dissapeared from the face of the earth due to the plastic revolution to the detriment of all modellers. The technique is very different so are materials.....but they are great fun and once you finish one you are a "proud modeller" :) :).

I am using Mahogany wood since its Great!!!!, not to hard, good for carving, closed grain, fabulous color if you want to leave your plane in the bare wood with a good clear spray, lasts forever and smells great as you work!!! :))

Presently I have the: C-46, Lockheed Huston, Lockheed P2V Neptune, Fiat BR-20 "Cicogna", Leore-et-Olivier H-43, SM-85 and the you can see some are well known and others are not. Scales vary. I have step by step pictures of the H-43, C-46 and Hudson. Will finish the S-85 this week and post it. I am includding "plaster of Paris" Floats (H-43), engines and wheels in the kits. Will be adding other goodies soon like the FW-200 Kondor, DC-6, Caproni 133, (DeLuxe-B-18 Bolo), Dragon Rapide, FW-58 etc....

If you don't try a solid wood model you dont know what you are missing.

Cheers Gera

PS...Good Tip: Don't try with Balsa Wood its to soft and details are hard to make.........You can use bass wood. Happy Solid Building!!!!! :) :)

You can look at my kits in :

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Strombecker (Sp.?) Lives! Wonder if he would do a B-47 - the last Strombecker kit I built.

Jack G

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Jack G



Very best wishes and good luck.


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I think this is a wonderful idea and I'll buy any of these: Douglas B-18, Martin B-10, Boeing YB-17.

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Brian Burr Chin

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