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A self distruct button would be nice :-) But really, a voltage meter would very handy, nothing is worse than pushing the button and nothing happens because your battery is low or dead. Dave Tribrids rule ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dave Griffith TRA 7956 The R.A.T.T.-works Monterey Machine Products 1504-A Industrial Park Street Covina, CA 91722 U.S.A.
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Dave W. wrote:
I want pretty much the same things Dave mentioned, except I don't need remote continuity checking. Just check it out at the pad -- and of course it needs to be flashbulb-safe. I also like to have a launch button sturdy enough that I can step on it to launch the rocket, leaving my hands free to snap a liftoff photo.
The Pratt SureFire II is the system I own and it already has every feature I need, all in a convenient, portable container.
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In article , "Underfoote Eng> If you were in the market to buy a single-pad launch controller, what sort
The U.S. Rockets controller. Wanna be a contractor and make 200?
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Jerry Irvine
DVD player cup holder cigarette lighter *
* But really, a back up launcher for when the overly complex system fails.
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Alan Jones
Do you ever catch yourself pushing harder when you have a misfire? Pointless as it seems, I'm guilty :-)
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