MARS club Launch Cadott Wisconsin

Forwarded from club email list for MARS club NAR section #660
I just got off the phone with Duane Crank and he approves of use of
the Rockfest field for the 21st. I will notify FAA on Friday. I will
of course bring the rail and all the rods so we can fly anything. I
also have Duane's email address so he can OK the launch dates we have
set, although he does not seem too concerned. Duane has offered to
plow us a path to the launch site.
those local to Medford can meet at my house at 10:30, we will leave
at 10:45. this should hopefully get us there in time to set up
and "officially" be ready by noon. launch will last till we get too
cold or 5:00 or till it is too dark. after launch meeting will be at
the drywood tavern if they are open (they was last time)
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Tater Schuld
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