Modrocks and HPR in Korea?

Does anyone know if there is a model or high power rocketry scene in south
Korea - there may be a job prospect for me there. Erm, lets avoid the
obvious jokes...
Happy skies,
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Halam Rose
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has some contact info. Take a look at the 2005 activities and you'll see they did a fair amount of modroc stuff...
Halam Rose wrote:
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Will Marchant
Interesting link...I checked out the Philippines and saw that water rockets were being flown as student activities....anybody know if LPR and MPR are allowed there? My wife and I have some family there and it would be great to bring some kits and a launch materials there to give to our nephews. (Of course, engines would have to be purchased there). Anybody know if modroc (other than water) are legal there? Craig
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I think Taiwan did some water rocket stuff... but I prefer real rockets... all we got here is those bottle rockets...
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tai fu

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