Old estes parachutes

Can anyone provide me with a scan of an old style estes parachute from the

1960's? I would like to make a few up. I think they look much better than the type estes has been using since the mid- 1970's.
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That sounds interesting. How are you going to go about it? This subject has been discussed in the past on Yahoo OldRockets and I believe there are still a few scans in the photo archives. Have you seen the new chutes that Estes has produced for the X Prize kits?

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Bill Eichelberger

I I had drawn up some of the old chutes in Adobe Illustrator and posted those to the files section of Oldrockets. I think you're right that they are still there. I send Kerry the files I made back then and he's got them now.

The chute Estes is >

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Kurt Schachner

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