Press Release, HellFire 9

Imagine a place so flat and so desolate that you can see the curvature
of the Earth. Insert close to a hundred High Power Rocketry
enthusiasts, a crowd of several hundred more, and you have the makings
of another fantastic Hellfire High Power Rocket Launch.
Hellfire 9 is sponsored by the Utah Rocket Club (UROC) and will be
held this year on September 5th, 6th, and 7th on the Bonneville Salt
Flats. Launching begins daily at 8 a.m. and based on input from
previous year's attendees will continue into the night on both Friday
and Saturday.
Based on the success of last year's event, HellFire 9 will feature an
experimental (EX) day on Monday, September 8th. The EX launch will
feature projects by our own amateur rocketeers who will use this
opportunity to test previously unproven designs and propellants.
Our good friend Ernie Vigil will once again be providing his delicious
food and drinks on Friday and Saturday.
Motor vendors will be on site. Vendors for Aerotech, Cesaroni, and
Animal Motor Works have committed to being on site during this event.
Please check the sponsors list on our website for more information.
(Most motor vendors will require you to pre-order your motors)
UROC has secured an FAA waiver that provides airspace to 25,000 feet
Port-a-potties will be available for public use.
The launch site is located on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Travel west
on I-80 from Salt Lake City. Turn north on Exit 4 just before the
Utah/Nevada state line. Follow the directions to the Bonneville
Raceway. UROC will have signs and traffic cones indicating where the
exact launch site is.
The launch will take place weather permitting. At times, heavy rains
earlier in the month can cause standing water on the salt. The
planning committee will travel to the site early and determine if
there is a problem with the site. If there is standing water or other
unsafe conditions on the salt then the launch will be set up at the
alternate site which is accessible via the same roads. Just follow the
signs when traveling out.
For more information and updates, check out our website at
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Join us for a spectacular weekend of High Power excitement!!
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Neal Baker
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So is this an indy launch (all motors welcome) or a certified motor only launch? And convoluted TRA-EX rules of course.
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Jerry Irvine
The first three days of the launch are run as an NAR launch so all motors must be certified and NAR regulations are followed. The Experimental launch on the 8th is run under our Tripoli Utah prefecture and all Tripoli Experimental Launch rules apply.
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Neal Baker

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