Dairy Aire 2006 (Launch Ad)

Tripoli Central California and Area 52 Productions present Dairy Aire 2006 High Power Rocket Launch May 19, 20 & 21, 2006

9am to 6pm Friday and Saturday 9 to 4 Sunday Maddox Dairy, Riverdale, California 35 miles South of Fresno 17,000 Foot MSL Waiver California State Fire Marshal Approved Motors Only Research Launch Friday May 19 Motor Vendors Food Vendors Free Camping Kids Fly Free and Saturday Evening May 20, after the launch we proudly present blues guitar phenomenon The Trey Tosh Band in an outdoor concert that will also include barbecue catering by Mr. Ed's Barbecue and FREE BEER courtesy of Sequoia Brewing Company, Fresno tripolicentralcalifornia.com Launch Hotline (559-447-5888) San Joaquin Valley Sandy Loam is easier on recovering rockets than dry lake beds by a factor of 3.1416 to 1!
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Rockets, blues and free brew....going to total up my frequent flyer miles :)

Ted Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75

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the notorious t-e-d

LOC Will be there.... no rain,,,,,,no rain.... barry

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It better not rain, Barry! Hey, when is that hound dog buddy of yours Duane going to do his L3 with the upscale Weasel? He'd better be ready to go this time. We're tired of waiting! He keeps on teasing us...

Are you bringing commemorative kits this year?


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James L. Marino

Check the TCC forum page:

"Message: Just fishing............! We plan to bring 40 kits to Dairy Aire..............Is this going to be to many?Kit is going to include 2 chutes for "red-neck" dual deployment!(does not require electronics)!!!!!!


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I want one of the new kits

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Cliff Sojourner

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