Project Starlight ... and why Robert Kaplow should be worried!

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sorry, that's not gonna stick. Eschelon was revealed to US public under Clinton, of course many of us already knew about it.
it was started by (right-wing) cold war folks
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Cliff Sojourner
You are so correct Tweak,
I saw in about 98, a peer manager use Deja News to search for posts on a new hire.
He found the prospect was always posting questions on how to fix stuff he purported in the interview to be an expert on.
At that time, I quit using my Christian name on Usenet posts.
Heck, I sure do not want a prospective employer seeing me argue about Model Aircraft parts, LEUPS and lord forbid, Moon Hoaxes !
Cranny Dane (most here know who I am anyway ;)
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Cranny Dane
Hi Cliff,
I have to wonder, it was started in the early sixties.
It really has been in place by all administrations, left or right.
the need to wiretap enemies has been in place since it was possible.
Huge umbrella antennas orbit the earth able to pick up cell phone calls and microwave trucks for decades, since microwave trunks were first put in place.
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Cranny Dane
So I should change my name, eh? Y'all think if I start going by Soug Dams that will be enough?
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Doug Sams
"Doug Sams" wrote in message >
In all honesty, it's just to keep the snoops honest ;)
so that would be enough.
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Cranny Dane
The only reason I started using this "Rocket Scientist" handle was because it amused me. I still sign my given name to all of my posts.
The government already knows more about my personal life than you will even discover on the Internet (ore Usenet) due to a number of clearances I held in the past. Believe me, the NSA is quite thorough.
If some company manager is so anal that he will do a Google search on me, then the company has failed one of my tests. I really wouldn't want to work for it. (Some day I'll tell you about my Men's Room test.)
Tweak wrote:
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The Rocket Scientist
Oh, you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnny, or you can call me R.J., or you can call me R.J.J., or you can call me R.J.J.jr, but ya doesn't have to call me Johnson..
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"The Rocket Scientist" wrote in message news:43f16d25$0$25083$
do tell !
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Cranny Dane
The Men's Room test is a test I use whenever I interview for a job. DUring the process I ask to use the Men's room. It is vitally important to use a Men's room that is normally used by the staff, not a "Guest" room.
Just take a look at the condition of the room when you use it. The general condition of the room, the cleanliness, lighting, maintenance, and level of supplies, speaks volumes about a company. It indicates just how much the company values its staff and, just as important, provides a measure of what the staff thinks of the company.
If the Men's room is clean and well-maintained, you are most likely in a decent place to work. If the Men's room is dirty, poorly lit, and poorly maintained, be polite but don't accept an offer unless you are desperate.
I have ignored my Men's Room Test once in my career and profoundly regretted it.
Bill Sullivan
Posted IAW MIL-TFD-41
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The Rocket Scientist
From the perspective of someone who does those searches when requested by management, I know those requests can come up for all sorts of reasons.
A single manager with "motivation" can make life living hell for someone, yet not be reflective of the company as a whole.
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opinion, 51% isn't a majority ...
In the context to political retoric in Presidente elections, it's a vast and clear cut victory............
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Zathras of the Great Machine

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