[PING] Bob Kaplow

For whatever reasons, my emails bounce back due to your overly aggressive mail
spam filtering......
Adam Elliott and I know each other, he knows my name, as does several other
people here in RMR and other rocketry forums.....
I would prefer to function in this newsgroup via my alias......for security
purposes,etc......NOT security in the sense I'm worried
about being killed by anybody in here, but security in the context of Identity
so with all that said...
Terry "shockie" Dean
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No kidding.
Bob, I gotta say, you must have the most overly anal retentive sysadmins in the history of computing.
Wait a minute. Ferris Bueller was from Chicago, and his friend Cameron was there, too. I recall Ferris saying Cameron was "so tight...he could squeese coal into diamonds". Is he your sysadmin now?
Doug Wonderin' if he ever paid for that Ferrari....
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Doug Sams
jerry: just look for the guy with the full body armour and kevlar helmet at NARAM45.....that won't be me....
heheheheheh shockie B)
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rmr is not a personal email service.
Based on the general level of hate and vile in rocketry right now it is more likely than ever that violence will break out.
The questions I asked of Bundick at NARCON indicated with superior clarity that whatever I ask would be avoided, obfuscated, diverted or fillibustered. I know a non-answer when I hear it.
What color is the sky? 10 minute monologue on something else, is the analogy to my question about NAR and when they were going to CORRESPOND with Wickman.
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Jerry Irvine
Yeppers. But I was sending it from Yahoo. I've since deleted the reject message, so I can't check the reject details, but I remember thinking that your mail server filters were probably set to reject yahoo emails.
Anyway, I subsequently resent it from my work email with no reject notice.
But I seem to recall not being able to send an attachment while back. Something I figured you'd think was funny, but evidently encompasserve didn't :)
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Doug Sams
IIRC Yahoo is one of the mailers that doesn't reverse DNS translate, and gets blocked by Encompasserve.
Encompasserve blocks many attachments, especially anything executable.
Still SPAM does get through.
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
About 90 of the Email I receive is spam. About half of that is jokes and stories forwarded from my father. If I don't recognize the sender's name or if it is from my father but starts with "Re:", it gets deleted unread.
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Alan Jones

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