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Jerry Irv>

>>Let's be very clear. Civil rights are officially dead. >> > Ah, but as I've oft said in other genres on the subjest of the dead. >If they can resurrect McCarthy,

Well then, there is that current airline travel blacklist. Senator Ted kennedy got caught on that one. It took him three weeks of intensive effort to get off the list, and he is one of the nations most powerful senators. Ordinary citizens have no chance in hell of getting off that government blacklist.

we can do the same with Jefferson. As >long as the spirit lives on the contesting isn't over. > Perhaps that's why they're concerned about "armed paramiliteristic >groups" like us, the NRA, the SCA, and groups that teach survivalist >skills like the Boy Scouts. Can't let them thar dissidents get out of >hand, they might make us to follow the ideals of this here Vunderful >Kountry of ours....... > >Chuck
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kaplow (Bob Kaplow) wrote in

Jim Yanik replied:

Not in the case of libraries. Part of the patriot act permits law enforcement to get records about your library usage and nobody involved is permitted to tell you about it.

As a result of that legislation, libraries are now purging their checkout lists frequently. In the past they kept forever the records of who had checked out what books.

Glen Overby

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Glen Overby wrote in news:

Can you cite the part of the Patriot Act that permits this without a court's permission?

Libraries are public,thus their records are public.

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