Re: Open Letter ISP/AT purchase

I have no idea what Paul wrote.
As near as I can tell, no one has ever posted as "paul"
recently. The message is in a .doc format, and nothing is readable if
you view the message in raw text mode.
Sorry, Paul, but even though I'm running anti-virus software that
checks for malicious Word scripts, I'm not opening it. It's not that
I'm, wait, it is because I'm paranoid, and with good
I'm not claiming you're deliberately trying to infect anyone. But if I
don't want to have to trust my own anti-virus software, why should I
trust yours?
If you'd be so kind as to post the message as a normal USENET message
with no attachments, I'd be grateful. I hope I'm not the only one.
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well said, Zoot
unless you have macros disabled, unknown Word files are potentially very dangerous
I scanned it for viruses, converted it to a PDF and uploaded it to abmr
- iz
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
Thank you. Paul was nice enough to post a readable version here.
I feel a bit whiney. I could have loaded up Word, turned off the macros, scanned the file for viruses myself, and then looked at it, but this is my work computer. Screw it up, I'm hurting.
Yeah, I've got backups, and backup backups. A full restore is just more than I'm up for right now.
Although I have to admit it's coming. Ever notice how Windows accumulates little bits of crap here and there? Even the best Windows cleaner programs don't get it all. Every once in a while, a complete re-install is a good thing.
Just not today.
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