Rocket Shopping In Florida

OK....Here's the deal. I will be spending a month or 2 in Melbourne Florida
for work. I will be arriving in Orlando each Monday starting on Jan 24 and
will be driving down to Melbourne. On Thursdays I will be retracing that
path. So....Can all you Florida Rocketeers recommend some place(s) to shop?
I am not averse to driving 90 minutes or so to get to a good Hobby shop that
stocks rocketry items.
I spent sometime in the West Palm Beach area a few years ago and did some
shopping just north of there at a place in Jupiter (Roses Hobbies ...or
something like that). Is this place still there? Do they still carry any
rocketry items?
Thanks in advance
Mark A Palmer
A Michigan Rocketeer currently working in Seattle!
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Mark A Palmer
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don't forget a big tra launch called winter nationals or something at the end of the month is down their.
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get in touch with Dennis @ New Horizons Hobbies - I think he's possibly out of the convenient area for you, but IIRC he's the only Fla based HPR vendor. You might catch up with some of the NEFAR / TRA SpaceCoast guys - they're a very friendly bunch, even to visiting Brits like me :-)
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