Sky Ripper Demo Flight at JMRC

Boy am I beat...Just got back from a day in sun launching Rockets with the Jackson model Rocket Club in Jackson Michigan. What an outstanding day.

I provided a vehicle to demo the new SkyRipper hybrids motors. Man do these things ROCK!!!!

My 3 inch phenolic PML Ariel (extended for dual deployment) ripped to

1250 feet on the H motor and to 2555 on the I. 38 mm FUN.

Nice initial impulse off the pad....plenty of lifting power. I believe the average impulse is between 150 and 170 per Todd Moore of SkyRipper but seemed like a lot more in person.

The assembly was simple quick and straight forward (real similar to a RATT Works Hybrid) and clean up was a breeze.

These motors give a real kick off the pad ....AND SUPPLY PLENTY OF SMOKE!!!! This is a hybrid that leaves a significant smoke trail and leaves the rod/rail with plenty of horsepower.

I only wished I had brought something a little longer to accomodate the the J motor!!!!. (next time....nest time).

I have no association with Sky Ripper other than a personal knowledge of Todds dedication to detail and engineering having flown with him over the last 3 years or so.

These motors are well thought out, well planned and well executed. They look ready for release. The craftmanship is outstanding. the casing is annodized aluminum and is flawless. The injector and nozzle exhibit the same attention to detail and workmanship. My understanding is that the motor I used was pre-production but built using the same materials and processes as the full production models. In other words this was not a one off show piece but actual pre-release product.

I have placed my pre-order with SkyRipper today for the whole set (H,I,J). Can't wait until they are certified by TRA!!!!

Mark Palmer

TRA 08542 L3

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Mark A Palmer
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