Sub assemblies in RockSim

Hi there,
I am using RockSim version 7.0 but I think my question applies to
previous version as well. How do subassemblies work? I want to build a
somewhat complex component, save it and attach it to a rocket
airframe. It doesn't seem to work that way. Has anyone done much with
subassemblies? Can you upload an example to
Alternately, send me the .rkt file and the .rsa file by email as
The documentation is thin on this, or I am thick on it. ;-)
Len Bryan
CAR S620 L3
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Len Bryan
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Demo posted on ABMR
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Bruce OBrien
Thanks. I'm going to have to try it.
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That's great! Thank you. I'm not sure I can do what I intended, but that sure showed me how to make it work.
Thank you very much,
Len Bryan CAR S620 L3
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Len Bryan

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