terbilion rocket!

just wondering if it would work to atach a terbilion or somthing
similar like a cathrine whell to the nose in a horisontal position but
with the drivers facing at an 45degree angle to conpensate for its
waight and to set it of by having some quick match coming from the
exoust hole to light it so just alfter lounching it would set of the
drivers with maby some red,blue or green drivers to make a trale
covering the rocket with red,blue or green sparks
just brainstorming :) :P
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Ever see a "stinger missile" made with a colored comet as a delay train? It's been a favorite of fireworks rocket hobbyists for many years. It's spin-stabilized using a side vent tangential to the axis of the rocket that creates any one (or more) of colored effects as it flies. Google it. Sometimes also known as a "Steenger Missile."
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John Smith
dam i thought i was realy onto somthing :(
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