The motors are still shipping.

AeroTech, Inc. and Industrial Solid Propulsion, Inc.
File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Due to the incredibly high cost of litigation against
Clark County and the Clark County Fire Department,
AeroTech, Inc. and its parent company, Industrial
Solid Propulsion (ISP), Inc. have filed a petition for
relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.
The companies believe that the current operations can
be profitable and that there is value in the existing
business which will provide, at least, some payment to
their creditors. In addition, the continued operation
of the business will allow the companies to continue
to provide for its customers until the business is
reorganized or sold. Under Chapter 11, all current
bills will be paid in the ordinary course of business.
Pre-petition bills will be paid pursuant to a Plan of
All pending litigation will be stayed by the
bankruptcy. The companies will evaluate at a later
point, with creditor input, which litigation they will
pursue and which litigation will be resolved without
further legal proceedings.
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What happened in Clark is exhibit "A" of why you want to limit the powers of government. I think a new law should be passed that limits the legal fees of the state, so that they can't spend more then what the defense can spend.
All of those so called trained fire fighters should be in jail, and paying for Aerotechs bills. It would have been nice to have some "trained" agents explaining the license renewal process, instead of saying on TV that they didn't have one... as thought there were criminal actions in secret happening out in some hidden lab.
Oh well... it made great TV...
Now a'days... you make a mistake, or an act of God happens, your arrested and taken strait to the chair... that's the ticket.
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